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Foraha Tamanu Oil - Facts About Foraha Tamanu Oil

Foraha Tamanu oil is a common oil used in the Polynesian Hawaiian Islands and Madagascar.

Foraha Tamanu oil treatment potential and flexibility are now better recognized in the current world.
In Madagascar it is known as Foraha and in the Polynesian Islands they call it Tamanu.

Foraha Tamanu oil’s capability to cure destroyed skin is well-reviewed. It  is significant for:
  • Dealing with scars, expand marks, minimal wounds, skin agitation, skin rashes, bedsores and a lot of other skin concerns.
  • Tamanu oil encourages new tissue development, accelerating treatment and nutritious skin growth.

Foraha Tamanu Oil can be used solely on the skin or mixed with other carriers, butters and important oils. It is good to melt it with jojoba oil  and coconut oil for a rich and healing body butter. The oil is dense and can be either dark blue-green or caramel shaded and has a wonderful powerful nutty aroma.  The colors fluctuate as to the season.  Spring Tamanu is commonly more greenish.

Foraha Tamanu Oil  Productions

The Foraha Tamanu tree blossoms two times every year and has fragrant white flowers that produce groups of yellow-skinned fruits. The fruit has a large nut inside it. The collected fruits are a small bit crushed to draw out the nuts. The nuts are then sun-dried for about two months. Throughout this time, the nuts turn brown and lose about a third of their initial weight. Inside their oil content becomes very high. Foraha Tamanu Oil is available in the fruit when it drops from the tree but forms throughout the drying period. Once dried, the oil is taken out of the nuts by cold pressing and is then purified.

Where to Buy Foraha Tamanu Oil

Foraha Tamanu Oil  can be found in nearly any organic health or diet store, or from web retailers such as Amazon.

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