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Argan Oil - History and Uses

Found in Morocco, Argan oil is a nutrient, vitamin rich oil has been well known since early times for its hydration, moisturizing, shielding and anti aging rewards.

 For a long time, women have depended on pure argan oil for all their beauty demands.

Production of Argan Oil

Produced from the nut of the argan tree, Argan oil is exceptional, challenging to produce and needs hands on job that cannot be systematized. To obtain argan oil, the nut from the argan tree must be gathered, dried and chipped open. As soon as the dried nut is open, the oil loaded kernels inside must be removed by hand after all the flesh has been taken out from the shell of the nut. There are normally only up to three kernels in each nut, so collecting enough kernels to produce oil is very labor demanding.

Once the kernels are collected, they can be pressed to draw out the treasured, nutrient rich oil so many individuals rely on for all their hair and skin beauty desires. Each kernel produces only up to 50% of the oil it has based on which type of pressing approach is used, so thousands of nuts and kernels are required to get just an ounce of oil.

Certainly, the intense labor engaged makes argan oil a precious product. Wasting hours to extract just a small amount of oil is a genuine testament to the importance people put on this oil. Lately, Moroccan argan oil has taken the beauty sector by surprise.

"How beautiful the hair and skin of women who lived in Morocco was, is credited to pure argan oil. "

Now that argan oil benefits are recognized around the world, there are many makes and treatments to choose from. From top quality, very costly oils and blends to lower price shampoos, lotions and oils, there seems to be no end to the products offering Moroccan oil as the star substance.

Argan Oil Products 

With all the brand alternatives, prices and goods featuring argan oil, it can be challenging to know which ones are boasting and which ones provide the beauty benefits for which argan oil is regarded. To obtain the argan oil benefits you want, it pays to do a little study and learn how to select the best argan oil for hair, face and skin. All solutions are not created equally, and considering that cosmetics are very loosely controlled, the buyer often has to be careful.

Argan Oil for Face

When looking for an argan oil for face, it is essential to find an oil that is pure. Many producers will thin down argan oil with less expensive oils to increase their revenue. Sad to say for consumers, these lower quality oils can block pores, lead to break out, leave skin extremely oily and do not provide the hydration, anti aging and cosmetic advantages of argan oil. Argan oil is incredibly light weight and quickly absorbs into the skin leaving behind no oily deposits. Argan oil is also non comodegenic, so it will not block pores and result in acne or break outs.

When looking for argan oil for face, search for an oil that has no added oils and lists argan oil as the first component. Find oils created to be used on the face. Facial oils are often free from scents and other artificial additives that can cause discomfort or sensitivity, feel heavy or block pores. Many facial oils are intended to be light enough to wear under make up and they provide highly effective anti-oxidants, nutrients and moisture to skin that can enable it look and feel younger.

Argan Oil for Hair

When seeking argan oil for hair, look for a solution that is light weight and simple to use. Many argan oils for hair come in handy spray bottles so you can use the oil easily to your hair with no over saturating it. Argan oils that are available in containers or pumps are often good alternatives, too, you just want to make sure to use a very little amount to prevent making your hair look and feel greasy. While argan oil soaks up readily into hair and skin, using too much can generate an oily look most consumers want to stay away from.

Furthermore, using too much oil will basically deplete your supply since more is not better and the hair will only take in what it demands to be healthy. Argan oils are excellent heat protectants and using the oil before you hair straightener or heat style your hair can go a long way in keeping split ends and damage. Argan oil can help calm frizz and hold hair sleek in humidity. Look for oils made for use in the hair and for formulations that have a smell you like and packaging that is easy to use.

As opposed to argan oils for facial use, additional fragrances and moisturizers for goods used in the hair will not have ill side effects and may improve the success of the argan oil and it’s ability to protect the hair from temperature, moisture and frizz. If you have a cosmetologist, you can get a excellent suggestions for argan oil for the hair from them. Their expert viewpoints and knowledge using the oil can enable you find the perfect oil and formulation for your hair.

Best Argan Oil to Suit Your Needs

Another smart way to select the best argan oil for your hair, skin and face is to do an online search for reviews on products you are curious about trying. Examining the experiences of others can be a large benefit to you and help you prevent oils that will not meet your requirements and choose ones that will.

Read other consumer’s reviews to help you weed out oils that do not appeal to you because of a serious feel, major scent, or other element you want to avoid can make the shopping process much more structured and a lot less confusing.  Just make sure that Argain Oil is on your list of the best Beauty Organic Oils


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