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Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Oregano Essential Oil health benefits can be linked to its qualities as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, emenagogue and anti-allergenic compound.

The dis-infectant and antibacterial qualities of oregano essential oil were first known in ancient Greece where they were frequently used for healing microbial infections on the skin or in injuries, and it was also used to shield food from bacteria. It is a plant indigenous to higher altitudes and generally grows in the mountains.

The Essential Oil of Oregano is taken out through steam distillation of fresh oregano leaves.

Along with being well known for its anti-microbial qualities, oregano oil has many other therapeutic properties as well. It is usually used in one of three ways, often aromatically, which is the most preferred since the introduction of aromatherapy’s extensive use in recent years. You can also use it on top of the skin, or by means of a carrier oil like coconut oil. Last but not least, you can consume it in very small quantities as a nutritional supplement, normally when diluted in honey or some other non-dairy drinks.

Oregano Essential Oil Health Benefits


Oregano essential oil offers protection against viral infections. This indicates that it fortifies your immunity from colds, mumps, measles, pox and other issues created by viruses.This increase to the immune system also aids to guard against dangerous viral infections and even certain auto-immune disorders. Oregano essential oil promotes the production and performance of white blood cells, the body’s main line of immunity.


Just as it defends you against viral infections, oregano oil shields you from bacterial infections as well. This provides you an additional level of protection against most bacterial illnesses, such as infections in the colon and urinary system, in addition to typhoid, cholera, sores, skin bacterial infections and short-term problems like food poisoning. Also, the anti-bacterial results of oregano don’t have an inhibitory influence on the healthy, essential flora in your intestines and stomach, so you don’t endure from the sick results of being undefended!


Germs, harmful bacteria, fungi and protozoa are the four agents which are accountable for communicable and contagious diseases. Out of these, fungi are liable for some of the most terrifying and lethal infections, both internal and external. They can lead to ugly, agonizing, and even fatal infections in the ear, nose and throat, which, if not dealt with early, may get to the brain and prove lethal. Many skin infections are also triggered by these fungi. Oregano Oil, if used consistently, either internally or externally, can successfully protect the body from many of these fungal infections.


This quality turns out to be one of the most recognized features of oregano essential oil, due to the fact it defends you from the damages done to the body by free radicals, and it neutralizes the free radicals, while fixing the damage already done. This decelerates the aging process and shields against specific cancers, macular degeneration, degeneration of muscle due to getting older, wrinkles, loss of vision and hearing, nervous conditions and many such illnesses related to early aging and the consequences of free radicals. More particularly, oregano essential oil has phenols, a highly effective form of anti-oxidant that pretty much scours the body and removes those free radicals that lead to disease.


This oil is good on relaxing many kinds of inflammation, internal or external, induced by a wide range of reasons. When this oil is used topically, it can minimize redness and itchiness to the applied area, and it can alleviate topical pain that might be related to arthritis or injury. When taken, it has much the same impact, although it is distribute throughout the body, so will not actually relieve pain and discomfort as rapidly.


Many kinds of parasites, such as worms, tape worms, head lice, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and fleas and other insects, can live within or outside the body of a human. These harmful bacteria use the human body as a supply of food, and as a vessel or carrier of communicable illnesses. Oregano Essential Oil, when consumed, can remove intestinal worms, and when it is employed externally, it successfully keeps away head lice, bed bugs, nasty flying bugs, and fleas and other insects, so it is not unusual to find oregano essential oil as a part of organic bug sprays and repellents.


This is a different side of the sedative and anti-inflammatory qualities of Oregano Essential Oil. Allergies are hyper-responses of the body towards exterior stimuli. Oregano Oil, being sedative in characteristics, calms down this hyper-sensitivity and is recognized to give comfort from allergy symptoms. From its anti-inflammatory proerty, the intensity of an allergic reaction can be lowered, which is particularly essential for serious allergic reactions like anaphylactic shock, or inflammation of the throat.


Oregano essential oil encourages digestion by improving the release of digestive juices, and it also improves nutrient digestibility and enzymes which help in ingesting food. This can enhance your typical level of health by increasing the nutrients you get from food!


This oil is also valuable for controlling menstruation and postponing the onset of menopause. Those who are enduring from clogged menses may also find comfort from using oregano essential oil. As an emenagogue, a woman can reduce her signs of oncoming menopause, such as mood balance and hormonal shifts due to the fact of the hormonal control quality of oregano essential oil.

Respiratory Conditions: 

Oregano essential oil can behave as an expectorant, which will relax or help remove the unpleasant buildups of mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tracts and sinuses, but it is also a relaxing balm for infected lungs and the throat, which frequently induce coughing fits. Consequently, oregano essential both prevents and cure symptoms of respiratory conditions.

Other Benefits Of Oregano Essential Oil: 

Oregano essential oil has been proven to help cure Psoriasis, Eczema, Athlete’s foot, flu and other contagious ailments. Moreover, it can be used to treat microbial infections like E-Coli, Giardiasis and food poisoning. It reduces congestion, and a number of studies expose that it is as highly effective a painkiller as the most well known options on the market, with the added advantage that it works without the powerful side effects.

Oregano essential oil can cause itchiness of the skin and mucus membrane if taken in high levels or dosages. Pregnant women should stay away from using it, and it is a great idea to consult with your doctor in advance of adding it in any important way to your diet. Due to its common stimulation and regulation of the hormones, it can most likely result in a losing the unborn baby if the hormone to induce periods is triggered.

Also, like with any new nutritional supplement or food, check with your doctor about allergic reactions. Individuals that are allergic to basil, sage , marjoram, mint, or lavender are also generally allergic to oregano and its essential oil.

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